Distributor Truck Driver

Job Summary

The Landsaver Distributor Truck Driver contributes to the company’s success by operating a liquid asphalt tanker truck in a safe and efficient manner. Key activities of the Distributor Truck Driver is the loading of  bulk liquid asphalt at the closest refinery, operating controls within the truck that will dispense  the liquid asphalt at a predetermined rate and the safe transport of this material to and from jobs.  The Distributor Truck Driver will maintain a CDL “A” or “B” Virginia’s driver’s license with a hazmat, tanker, and air brake endorsements.

The Distributor Truck Driver will report to an assigned project manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Safely load new liquid asphalt from the closest refinery and transport as directed by management.
· Dispense Liquid Asphalt in predetermined amounts as directed by management.
· Transport Liquid Asphalt in a safe manner to and from Landsaver yard or jobs.
· Wear face and body protection when heating burners/loading/unloading tanker truck.
· During heating process, maintain a safe distance from pedestrians/occupied buildings and cordon off area.
· Inspect equipment working parts and fluid levels before and after each start up.
· Immediately after the pre trip truck inspection (which includes checking all fluids), report maintenance issues with company vehicles to management for correction
· Perform daily safety and maintenance checks on all equipment.
· Operate equipment on jobs as designed per estimate details.
· Load/ unload equipment from trailers and warehouse, secure and transport in a safe and legal manner.
· Clean equipment before and after job start/completion.
· Perform maintenance and repairs to tank and spray equipment.
· Work as a team with other field personnel to achieve profitable job competition.
· Drive safely at all times and obeying all state and federal laws.
· Immediately report maintenance issues with company vehicles and equipment to management.
· Communicate daily with scheduling manager for next day’s job schedule.
· Maintain safe activities while on job site and communicate to management safety hazards when encountered.
· Assist in loading of material and tools before job start.
· Maintain a daily CDL log book and adhere to all FMCSA regulations.
· Maintain two forms of identification (one photo) at all times.
· Participate in weekly safety meetings at yard and on job site.
· Overnight stay as required by management.
· Responsible for own transportation to warehouse yard.
· Responsible for maintaining a satisfactory criminal background check for job access.
· Maintain a positive point balance on your Virginia DMV driver’s license.
· Maintain clean housekeeping for work environment and equipment.
· Return equipment clean at all times.
· Travel April – November 50%, December – March 10%


  • Ability to maintain a valid Virginia’s driver’s license CDL “A” with hazmat, tanker, and air brake endorsement.
  • Ability to pass all training required to operate heavy equipment.
  •  Ability to trouble shoot equipment and diagnose problems or needs before a job begins.
  • The skills needed to forecast all fuel, materials and supplies needed to perform assigned job duties.
  • Ability to keep all equipment in good working order.
  • Ability to fuel vehicles daily after all jobs are complete and turn in fuel usage reports