Corrugated Retention & Filtration System

CRAFS® is a corrugated retention and filtration system for sediment control best used in critical spots (heavy concentrations of sediment runoff). This includes areas where runoff accumulates and can overflow, knock down, scour beneath and/or wash away other devices – like silt fences.

Unlike a traditional sediment retention device, CRAFS’ corrugated design strengthens the device and reduces the chance of failure. Due to it’s upstream and downstream posts, the structure provides three dimensional stability. It intercepts runoff, then divides, distributes, and retains it within a series of adjacent retention wedges – cleaning the runoff of most sediment particles. Each retention wedge provides a greater amount of filter fabric surface area to expedite filtration through the system.

When installed with silt fence, CRAFS rapidly filters runoff with “95% trapping efficiency.” This helps prevent sediment contamination of adjacent properties and waterways, eliminating the need for costly sedimentation basins.