GutterBuddy can be installed above ground and can be formed around or across the curb inlet. It is designed for curb inlets without grates where water flow is critical. Gutterbuddy is made from recycled, synthetic fibers that filter out sediment and debris.

These curb inlet filters effectively prevent sediment, debris and other pollutants from entering stormwater systems. The filtering action lets water freely flow through the fiberous material while stopping sediment and debris. Built-in overflows drain water more quickly during extreme events to prevent ponding.

Long lasting GutterBuddy Curb Inlet Filters are 9” in diameter and can be purchased in 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’ lengths. These inlet filters are flexible enough to conform to any curb radius, allowing for quick and easy installation.

–  Lightweight and easy to install and maintain.

–  Easy to maintain and reusable

–  Available in 4’ – 16’ lengths (Should be 2’ longer than curb opening.)

–  Keeps out sand, asphalt millings and other fine sediment

–  Washable and reusable