Gratemaster for Drop Inlets and Inlet Protection

The Gratemaster is a permanent inlet protection device designed to protect drainage structures from sediment and debris in post construction applications.

Measuring a drop inlet in the field is no easy task, and asking for exact dimensions is an unrealistic expectation. That is why ACF created the Gratemaster for inlet protection, the industry’s first post-construction catch basin insert with an adjustable frame. The Gratemaster takes the rigor out of permanent inlet protection while still protecting the drainage system from sediment, trash and debris. The high flow filter snaps in and out easily, making maintenance a quick trip, not an all day event. In cases where pollutants are a concern, Gratemaster’s X-TEX strips sit inside the unit, coming in contact with all storm water that passes through the device.

The Gratemaster is adjustable in 8” increments and comes in 5 stock sizes. If you come across another size give us a call, we can custom design the unit to fit unique sizes.

–  Easy installation

–  Adjustable frame

–  Strong, lightweight, portable

–  Designed for post construction use

–  Proven, reliable performance

–  Reusable and easy to clean

– High Visibility / Added jobsite safety