The ACF Dirtbag® collects sand, silt and fines, while regulating that enters streams, surrounding property and storm sewers. ACF can make custom Dirtbags® to suit your needs and manufactures the Dirtbag® using a variety of woven and nonwoven geotextile fabrics. We can produce any size, dimension, or fabric weight requested.

Each standard Dirtbag® has a fill spout large enough to accommodate a 4” discharge hose. Straps are attached to secure the hose and prevent pumped water from escaping without being filtered. To increase the efficiency of filtration, place the bag on an aggregate or haybale bed to maximize water flow through the surface area of the bag. Dirtbag® is full when it no longer can efficiently filter sediment or pass water at a reasonable rate.

Flow and removal rates will vary depending on the size of Dirtbag®, the type and amount of sediment discharged into Dirtbag®, the type of surface, rock or other substance under the bag.